ITS Resources

CFPA Printing System

PaperCutCFPA ITS manages network printing with PaperCut in an effort to reduce printing costs and lower our environmental impact. Printing accounts can be viewed online.

To request access to a printer, submit a support request.

CrashPlan Backup

CrashPlanThe Dean's Office uses CrashPlan Pro to automatically and continuously backup user data in the background. If you need to restore files, you can simply open the CrashPlan application on your computer. Files can also be restored directly from the CrashPlan web interface.

Information regarding CrashPlan within the Hixson-Lied College can be found here: CrashPlan FAQ

For help with CrashPlan, please submit a support request.

File Sharing

File SharingCFPA ITS maintains a high-capacity media server for storing student work. To request access to the media server for a class, fill out the webform below.

If you are a student who needs to request access to File Sharing for a specific course, please fill out this Web Form.

Please submit a support request if you would like to request a file share or are experiencing problems.

FileMaker Pro Database

FileMaker ProCFPA ITS maintains a FileMaker server that can host FileMaker databases created by College faculty and staff. Databases on the server are only accessible on UNL networks. Users who wish to connect from off campus can do so by opening a virtual private network connection to campus; see UNL's VPN page.

Select databases are also available online.

For more information please see FileMaker Database Hosting.