Wireless Registration

Wireless Computing is available at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at no cost to students, faculty, staff, and registered University guests. Users must register the address of their wireless card with UNL to access the network.

Most laptops have an internal wireless card, but older laptops may require an external wireless card. Any 802.11b/g/n built-in or external wireless card will be compatible with the network; however, not all external cards are compatible with every device.

To register your wireless device

Smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices

Skip to Section 2 below. In the window that requests the address of your wireless card, click the button labeled "Find my Address" and the address will be filled in for you.


  1. Find and record the physical address of your wireless network card. A PDF with illustrated instructions is here.

    • Windows (XP and newer)
      1. Click on Start, then Run.
      2. Type "cmd" in the box and press Enter (leave the quotation marks out).
      3. In the box that appears, type "ipconfig /all" and press Enter (leave the quotation marks out).
      4. Find the Wireless Network Connection heading and look for the Physical Address of your wireless card. It should be 12 characters long, displayed similar to 00-0B-8D-33-98-D4.
    • Mac (OS X 10.5 and newer)
      1. Click on the Apple Menu in the upper left corner.
      2. Click on System Preferences.
      3. Click on Network.
      4. Click on AirPort in the left hand column of connection options.
      5. Click the Advanced button.
      6. Find the AirPort ID at the bottom of the window. It should be 12 characters long, displayed similar to 00-0B-8D-33-98-D4.
  2. a. If registering from a computer already registered on the UNL network: go to http://wireless-reg.unl.edu and follow the login instructions shown below under #3.
    b. If registering from your unregistered computer/device: set your device's wireless network connection software to use the wireless network UNL-Wireless-Registration. Open any web page, and you will be redirected to UNL's Terms and Conditions page. Read and accept the terms by clicking Agree at the bottom. You will be taken to UNL's Wireless Registration page at http://wireless-reg.unl.edu. There:
    1. A. If you are a guest, go to the Visitor Registration section and click the link there.
      B. If you are a UNL student, faculty or staff, log in with your My.UNL (Blackboard) username and password.
    2. Click on "Register a card."
    3. Type in the 12-character physical address of your wireless card. If a button labeled "Find My Address" appears, click it to have the address entered automatically. To type in the address, use upper or lower case, and omit any separator colons. Then click Next.
    4. Check that you entered the address correctly, and click Next. You will see a confirmation page. Go directly to step 5.
    5. Important! Set your network connection to use UNL-AIR. You must now set your device to connect to the network UNL-AIR. You won't be able to get anywhere on the web unless you connect to UNL-AIR. Your device may not connect immediately; it can take up to 10 minutes before your UNL-Air registration is active.

If you need assistance during any part of this process, contact the UNL Computer Help Center at 402-472-3970, or the CFPA ITS Help Desk in Woods Art Building 111, or phone 402-472-5831.