UNL Client Management Tools - Faculty Opt-in, Spring 2014

UNL is rolling out a new campus-wide system to provide remote management tools to suppport computers and iPads.
We will use these Client Management Tools (CMT) to support your college-owned Macs, Windows PCs, and iPads.

We have already been using the Mac tool, JAMF Casper Suite, since 2012 on every Mac in the college.
Our own Phil Redfern is building out a new Casper Suite installation for UNL.
Windows computers will be supported through a similar tool, Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager.


Staff and lab/classroom computers are being enrolled now (Spring 2014) into the new UNL CMT system.

Faculty members are invited to opt in to this new support infrastructure. Jump to the form.

Faculty Opt-in     

Faculty members have the choice to participate. The Faculty Senate and UNL Information Technology Services have developed a policy stating that client management tools may only be installed on faculty computers if the faculty member opts in to the system.

Why opt in?
When you opt in to the new UNL system, you allow us to continue to provide timely and useful support for Windows PCs, Macs, and iPads. The Client Management Tools let us efficiently:
  • deploy new software and updates without interrupting you
  • support you remotely via screen-sharing
  • gather hardware and software inventory information
  • provide Self-Service portals – you can install software on your own schedule
More information: http://its.unl.edu/desktop/client-management-tools

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)     Macs and iPads            Windows PCs

Will this change who manages my computer?
No. Although UNL provides the tools, only the CFPA ITS team will manage your computers. We have our own CFPA section of the campus system.

Mac and College iPad users
Opting in will not change how we support your device. In fact, you'll get new Self Service options.
Windows users
Opting in will change how we support your computer. We will use UNL's Windows tool (SCCM) to provide services similar to those we already provide for Macs.

How To Opt In


Go to the link above and sign in with your Blackboard/email ID and password.
Check the applicable boxes for the UNL devices assigned to you, check the “Opt In” box, and press “Submit.”

UNL CMT Opt-in checkboxes image

You will receive a confirmation email from "My Support - UNL" with your opt-in information.


  1. You are not required to opt in – If you choose not to, we are required to remove any existing Casper or KACE client software from your computer. We will make alternate service arrangements to visit you periodically, or have you bring in your computer for periodic checks and updates.
  2. Opting in will simplify software management for Macs and iPads, especially apps sold through the Mac App and iTunes App stores. You will be able to update UNL-purchased applications without contacting CFPA ITS for assistance.

Please contact David Bagby  with any questions.